Hi! Thank you for deciding to share your story and advice to your loved ones.

My name’s Derek. My background is filmmaking and I help people share their stories.

Family is very important to me and so is honest and open communication. 

I truly believe that only by being open and honest can we grow and deepen our love with our family.


I created Your Story to help families share their thoughts, feelings and take a glimpse into their past and what made them into the people they are today.

My hope is that when you share your past, your adventures, your family history, along with your emotional journey, you will be better understood by your loved ones.

This in turn will help you deepen your connection with them and bring you closer as a family.

I know it’s not always easy to talk about your past, but with our help, we’ll make it fun and even a little exciting.


Now the first step is to fill out the questionnaire we sent you.

I know it’s a long one however, the more information you can give us, the better your story will be.

So please, take the time to read through the questions and answer as many as you can. Really think about your answers.

If at any point you need some help, please feel free to reach out to me or anyone at Your Story.

As I mentioned, we’re here to make it easy for you to share your story.


There is a part of the questionnaire that involves asking your family and friends a few questions.

This is a great way to find out how other people perceive you and how you’re remembered by them.

For example, you might be a best selling author, and remember how many books you’ve sold however, what your family remembers is how you used to spend each morning in your office, the smell of your coffee and the sound of your old typewriter as you typed away for hours.

I guarantee that for every person you ask, you will be given a different answer.

So please, take them time to go through the questionnaire and really think about your answers.


Once you’ve completed and sent us back the questionnaire we’ll give you a call to go over any questions you might have and how best to approach your story.

We’ll discuss where we will be filming, if it’s your home or a friend or family members house, or if you prefer to come to us to our studio.

We’ll also be sending you a privacy form so you can rest assured that everything you share is private and confidential and we will never share your messages with anyone else, unless you tell us to do so.


The filming day is your moment to shine and share your story.

You’ll be prepped one hour before filming. This includes answering any questions you might have.

There might also be a Hair & MakeUp Specialist taking care of you if you’ve chosen that service at the time of your booking.

This is only light retouching and making sure your skin doesn’t shine too much for our cameras.

Once you’ve finished with the prep, the filming begins!


The filming will be an interview style experience. 

This means that we will be sitting down and asking you questions about you, your life experiences and your loved ones.

Only you will be on camera, not us. If you wish to have a family member or friend sitting down next to you, that is completely fine as long as you’re both answering the questions. 

We’ve filmed many couples before and it can be surprising how much they learn from each other during our interview, in a good way.

We only film a maximum of 2 people at a time.

The interview usually goes for around 45 minutes so please make sure you’ve eaten before hand and that you are well hydrated, plenty of water.

Once the filming is over, you are free to go. Mind you, you can leave at any time during your filming. It really is up to you.


The next stage is post production and delivery of your videos.

You’ll be given two videos.

One video is a highlights version, a ‘Best Of’ if you will, that’s under 5 minutes.

The other video is a long form version where you will have most of what we recorded during your interview.

We will remove the interviewer’s voice from the videos. After all, this is your story, not ours.

It usually takes us 2 weeks to edit and apply our magic to your story.

Once we’ve finished editing and finalising your cinematic experience, we’ll send you a link where you can access, watch and download your videos.

Your videos will be password protected and only the person with the link and password will be able to watch them.


And there you have it. That is Your Story’s Everlasting Experience.

I sincerely hope that sharing your story will make you come closer as a family and help you and your loved ones deepen your connection to your past, present and future.

Once again thank you for letting us be a part of your story.